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ARC Welder is an extension for Chrome that allows you to run them directly from your navigator using APK files, which is the easiest way possible.

Run Android app on your Computer with Arc Welder

  • App Name - Arc Welder

  • Version - 54.5021.651.0

  • Supported OS - Chrome OS, Windows

  • Size - 12.78MiB

  • Last Update- 15/11/2020

There are many options are available to run an Android application on your desktop computer However not all have same features. ARC Welder is an extension for Chrome that allows you to run them directly from your navigator using APK files, which is the easiest way possible. ARC Welder can help you out to open any Android app on your PC and you can easily use it without installing a dedicated software or android stimulator on your PC.

How to Install and Run an Android Application using ARC Welder

Once the extension is installed, you need to select a folder where all the temporary files generated by the application will be stored. After that, you can select the application you want to run, which must already be downloaded to your device. Although it’s not possible to do this with Google Play, in Upto down our whole catalogue is available in APK format, the packaging system used by Android. Once the file is selected, you can configure some parameters before running it, such as defining the application’s sizing or the computer shape factor that specifies whether it will run on a smartphone or on a tablet.

The compatibility list gets better with every new version. It’s capable of working with Instagram, an application that allows you to upload pictures directly from your PC, which you can’t do in any other way (or at least in any other safe and secure way). Also, the application can detect and use external devices like a webcam from your PC, utilizing it as if it were a smartphone camera.

ARC Welder is a tool that can open many doors by unifying the operating systems of your desktop computer and your Android. It allows you to run applications native to Google’s operating system using the comfortable, integrated system of your navigator.

Pros of ARC Welder

  • Works on Chrome 41+ on Windows, Mac, Chrome OS and Linux.

  • Even though it’s a developer preview, it’s likely to evolve quickly as Google is developing it. Since Google is also behind Android, it makes sense to use a more official way of running APK. If they don’t work, you may check with the developer so it may eventually work.

  • It installs as a Chrome App and runs on most operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS), even thought x86 support will be put in maintenance mode soon.

Cons of ARC Welder

  • ARC Welder supports OAuth2, Google Cloud Messaging , Google+ sign-in, Maps, Location, and Ads APIs from Google Play services.

  • “x86” apk files don’t work as of 20150422.

  • Keyboard input is spotty

  • No accelerometer emulation

  • Orientation mode has to be selected before running the app

  • A single app can be loaded at a time

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